Monday, March 15, 2010

Playing in the Grass..

Apparently babies.. much like dogs..
think that grass is for eating.. 
I am truly sorry that I turned you orange son
But you don't need to eat grass
to try and turn green... 

A visit from the dog...

Grass doesn't taste so good does it..

He found a leaf..

And tried to eat it..


  1. love my little fat man. ps bellas face is priceless lol

  2. look i need a daily fix of ur baby. so if you could just post at least one new picture of him daily that would be great. thanks!

  3. Please allow my grandson to stay one color, one preferably that does not resemble a cartoon character. He is cute as he is cuddly. I think you shold have labeled this one - mom watches as son eats bug infested leaf.