Friday, February 26, 2010

Sitting, Moving, and Getting into EVERYTHING!

These last few weeks have been so busy..
I spend every moment running behind a crawling boy.
Moving things out of the way.. 
and now he is standing too.. 
Well, pulling himself up anyways.  

Still teething.. forever teething.. 

Crazy baby..

All by himself..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cousins come in all sizes..

Of course.. my son is the larger of those sizes!

So happy together..

Awww.. how cute

The Hulk tries to crush his cousin..

*After Bath Fun*

I just think this kid's the cutest!

Learning how to sit, And how to fall...

At first .. all smiles.. 

Still.. not so bad..

And then.. oops.. 

And like a good mother..
I took a picture.. 
But come on ..
Look at that face!

Days of Teething..

Look Mom, no hands!

Poor Frozen Face!

*Lets Get Sunny*

It was one of those rare, warm days in January.. 
So we took in some sun outside..
and thought about summer.