Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Showers and Tropical Killer Spiders

This was a busy weekend..
well really it was a busy yesterday and a freakin tired today..
My little sisters baby shower..
It was very fun with a luau twist..

Some highlights:

Beach bear cupcakes
Bobbing for nipples (a word I can not say without whispering),

a candy bar

and bite sized mini corn dogs.

This weekend ended with the world's largest spider,
Okay there are larger spiders but this one was in our backyard,
so not cool.
And here it is in all its tropical killer spider glory:

I'm pretty sure this thing could have killed us all,
and wrapped us up for its dinner.
I really don't understand the need for spiders..
I would just rather have a million
venus fly trap things instead of
these scary monsters that i swear
are demons in disguise.
Yes, this is was a demon looks like in its earthly body,
now you know.


  1. why did you put this picture of an icky spider next to your awesome party! i'm jealous you lady! how dare u put together a cool party without me, i thought we werz partners. well congrats it looks super cute. send me ur baby shower pix and ur sis's. thanks. the end.

  2. Looks like the shower turned out great.

    I hope you smooshed the spider.

    It is a hideous opposite of the lovely shower.

  3. If you look real close the face looks like Vincent Price, "help me......."